Upfront non local image editing

We have updated our site to Windows azure storage and now it seems that Upfront can not write to none local storage. We can upload images through upfront and we can place large unedited images in upfront. But if we place an image and try to edit the size we get the following error when saving.

Image failed to process. If images are moved from standard storage (e.g. via plugin that stores uploads to S3) Upfront does not have access. (not authorized `https://ideakit.blob.core.windows.net/ideakit-media/2016/08/ChurchKit-example-site-520x294-6417.jpg' @ error/constitute.c/WriteImage/1080)

Is there anyway around this. Even if it requires us to manually overwrite upfront to write to the non local storage. We are fine with updating the file on every update until there is a true fix for this but we are running a customer multisite. So we need azure storage (or some other non local storage if you can recommend one you know works with upfront) or we will end up flying through our local storage. We also must use upfront. We have been testing and working with upfront since October of last year. And we have worked out almost every kink we had and have come way to far to turn back.

  • Rupok

    Hi Bryant, how are you doing today?

    Well, it can happen for permission issue at your storage. Can you please you make sure you don't have permission issue in your external storage? I mean, external sources are allowed to modify images there? Can you also try moving your image storage to somewhere else like Amazon Servers, Dropbox etc. and check if the issue is same there? If you get the same error everywhere, then it's Upfront. If you don't get this error in other storages, then I'm afraid, it's not Upfront, rather it's your image host which is not allowing.

    The error said "Not Authorized" and that gave me this idea. Because Upfront doesn't do any authorization check while editing images, rather your storage provider does. So somehow, they are not authorizing Upfront to edit those images. Can you please talk to Azure Support team regarding this and let us know what they say about this?

    Please send us as much details as possible. I'll ping our developer with all your details when you send.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!

  • Bryant

    Good Day,

    We came to the conclusion that this was an issue with upfront because of a thread in the forums from July of this year ("https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/upfront-image-failed"). In which a user was having the same issue that we are having right now but they were using Amazon s3. In that thread Luis from your support team said this was an Upfront issue.

    If this is not an upfront issue and it can be resolved. Can you please help us get to the bottom of the issue.

    We can upload images to our Azure storage through Upfront. As well as through the WP media tab in the Dashboard.

    Images that are added through upfront can be used as background images.

    For basic image functions Upfront does have access to upload media to non-local storage with no edits to our current setup.. This leaves us to believe that the upload process through upfront is being handle "the WordPress" way.

    But we can not resize and crop images in upfront with out the no access notice being fired. This leaves us to that in upfront image cropping and resizing is being handle some other way that is not the standard WordPress method. That requires separate access to our storage. We are checking our logs and do not see anything. Can you tell us how upfront is handling image manipulation? Or, what we need to grant access to for upfront images editing to work.

    Are you guys using upfront with non-local storage? Even on your demo sites? How are you handling this?

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Bryant,

    Upfront developers confirmed that what is said in that thread https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/upfront-image-failed is still correct. Upfront still can’t physically change images that are not stored on your WP install I'm afraid.

    Our demo sites are not using non-local storage for images.

    I'm sorry I don't have better news for you.

    . Can you tell us how upfront is handling image manipulation?

    I'm still waiting for feedback for this question - as soon as developer will provide more info I'mm update thread.

    kind regards,

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