Upfront Not Editing and Other Issues...

Back again, having some serious issues with the way the site is showing, especially on mobile devices. The first 2 images attached shows what it looks like on my tablet. The menu is messed up, the font (Impact) doesn't show up (I have changed it for mobile in the Upfront editor, and it looks right on the cmpt screen for mobile there, just not in practice). Sometimes I have to refresh several times then maybe it will look right for a bit, then you go to another page and it's broken again. Also the Slideshow plugin by iThemes which I am using is also not working properly (did before Upfront, not sure if there is a conflict there).

Now on the computer screen, the last image below shows how that shows up sometimes. Again sometimes I refresh it once or twice before it looks right, but clients/visitors to the site won't understand the need to keep refreshing a site before it works properly, so this needs to be fixed. Also, not sure if it is related but I cannot seem to edit anything to do with the menu in the Upfront editor in css. I use to be able to before, but now nothing I do on the main nav css or even if I create my own css for the menu is ever saved. There is an error in the css there and I am not sure if it is having an impact on the site as well, but no amount of changing makes it saveable, so I'm stuck with it.

I have noticed that this site and another Upfront site I just converted, (justinmandair.com) are running very slowly. Both sites where running on iThemes Builder before the switch and it is a very noticeable difference in load times, especially on mobile, nothing much has really changed in either site except the theme. I have done speed tests and Pingdom.com showed that some of the slower loading elements have to do with Upfront (for the justinmandair.com site) http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/#!/kkcEq/justinmandair.com

I have enabled support access on both of the sites mentioned here.


  • Patrick

    Hi there @Kekeli

    I hope you're well today!

    I just logged into your site to check something I suspect may be going on here. You do indeed have a cache plugin active: W3TC.

    While configuring things in Upfront, or in any theme or plugin really, please disable & flush all cache while doing so.

    If that does not help the situation (I'm pretty sure it will though), you may need to troubleshoot further to rule out any other possible conflicts as seen in the diagram at the bottom of this page:

    Please let us know if this helps, and don't hesitate to post again if you need to.

  • Kekeli

    Hi @Patrick,

    So for the Canada Cranes site, I only added W3TC yesterday in hopes of speeding things up, before then it was just the other plugins which had all been there previously. I did the whole deactivating/reactivating all plugins thing and seems like the issue with the menu items all being there (pic 1 above, which predated W3TC, but was mainly momentarily then it would go back to the right way) seemed to stop when W3TC wasn't activated, (back to happening momentarily), and strangely things seemed a tiny bit faster without W3TC as well.

    As far as the menu css not working, this issue too predated adding W3TC and worked fine at some point before. Plugin activation/reactivation did nothing to solve this (still all the same plugins that where there when it was working a few days ago)

  • Vinod Dalvi

    Hi @Kekeli,

    I could confirm the issue on your site and found it only occurs when i first load your site but it's working fine on subsequent site visits.

    I noticed that initially when i visit your site and face this issue then some styles are not loading as shown in the first attached screenshot but after reloading the site the styles are getting loaded as shown in the second attached screenshot.

    The file that loads this styles is http://canadacranes.ca/upfront-dependencies/styles/0c6096330b58f3f148870a42427a51c7?ver=0.1.6 which doesn't load initially.

    I have tested it on my test site several time using latest version of Spirit theme but it workedf ine without any issue.

    I found that the shared styles file loads in my site at the bottom of the page before the closing body tag but on your site it loads in the header before closing head tag. I think this may be something to do with it. i tried to troubleshoot the reason and found the styles file is loaded using the hook upfront-layout-applied but nothing further so i have notified the SLS developer to get his reply here regarding this.

    He will reply here ASAP.

    I also find the following code in the theme file which loads this styles file and it seems it's loaded depending on cache key so it has something to do with cache on your server.

    wp_enqueue_style('upfront-element-styles', Upfront_VirtualPage::get_url(join('/', array(
    		))), array(), $this->_get_enqueue_version()); // But let's do pretty instead

    I can see you are using Apache server, which web host are you using?

    Could you please contact them to know whether there is any server cache?

    Vinod Dalvi

  • Kekeli

    Hi @Patrick & @Vinod Dalvi,

    After many hours of working and this and going back and forth, I have come to the conclusion that the issues I am facing on these sites are generally related to the theme and some kind of caching issue to do with it. The speeds of my Upfront sites are generally in the 89-95% slower than other sites tested according to Pingdom compared to sites that I have done with iThemes Builder which are usually in the 50-95% faster than tested realm. I should also mention the Upfront sites I have done are using different hosting companies (Hostpapa & Godaddy). According to Pingdom, a lot of it has to do with Upfront elements, especially the "dependencies" files. The fact that as @Vinod mentioned that the breaking of the menu shows when one first comes to the site and then not again after is, as you can hopefully agree, not something I can present to a client and accept payment for knowing that this is what their customers are to face when connecting with the business online for the first time.

    I really wish you guys will study some of these Pingdom results and utilize the information to better build Upfront. At this point, for the sake of my own reputation, I am going to have to stop using Upfront and convert these two sites back to Builder cause as much as I love the idea of Upfront, I cannot afford to have issues like this plague sites that have my name on it.

    Take care,

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @Kekeli,

    Hope you're well today, sorry to hear you can't use Upfront due to the current performance issues, we do have other members using it with no noticeable performance impact.

    Would it be possible for you to setup a site with Upfront that I could debug from? As I'd love to get to the bottom of this, on average we see between 3-6 seconds page load times depending on the server/specific setup.

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

  • Sean Grant

    Me too :slight_frown:

    After struggling with UPFRONT for the last few months while building http://www.dpmchina.org I need to look for a more practical and usable way to setup WordPress websites.

    The concept is great, but I just cannot deal with editing layouts and saving them, only to find out that nothing has actually saved at all.

    Perhaps when WPMUDEV have ironed out the wrinkles from UPFRONT, I'll consider trying it again.

    Hope that the Dev's can get this product working as advertised.

  • Sajid

    Hi @Scott

    Hope you are doing good today :slight_smile:

    I am sorry for the problem you are facing with upfront. But please always start your own thread and post link of the thread is related to your problem for reference. Posting in same thread sounds good at first but ends with confusions and also difficult to catch up what is the original problem for other staff members.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding.

    Take care and have a nice day :slight_smile:

    Cheers, Sajid

  • Ciro Bey

    I can confirm all (or at least most) of the issues @Kekeli mentioned in the first post. Since the last upfront update is when things started to happen, especially on mobile versions.

    I wanted to "+1" these issues after the new update as confirmation and for awareness.

    The thread I have opened up is https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/upfront-spirit-image-links-all-of-a-sudden-stopped-workingshowing to see the issues I am having!

    Hope this helps!

    Much Love

  • Sajid

    Hi @Richard

    Hope you are doing good today :slight_smile:

    I am sorry to see you go, but would you mind explaining why you want to leave ? If you have any issue about our plugin then have you tried creating a ticket in our forum to get some assistance ?

    If no then please create a ticket here and let us help you fix that first.

    If you still looking for refund then, contact our billing and sales department directly from contact page because they have more information about your account then support staff.

    Take care and have a nice day :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,
    Sajid J