Upfront Not Editing and Other Issues...

Back again, having some serious issues with the way the site is showing, especially on mobile devices. The first 2 images attached shows what it looks like on my tablet. The menu is messed up, the font (Impact) doesn't show up (I have changed it for mobile in the Upfront editor, and it looks right on the cmpt screen for mobile there, just not in practice). Sometimes I have to refresh several times then maybe it will look right for a bit, then you go to another page and it's broken again. Also the Slideshow plugin by iThemes which I am using is also not working properly (did before Upfront, not sure if there is a conflict there).

Now on the computer screen, the last image below shows how that shows up sometimes. Again sometimes I refresh it once or twice before it looks right, but clients/visitors to the site won't understand the need to keep refreshing a site before it works properly, so this needs to be fixed. Also, not sure if it is related but I cannot seem to edit anything to do with the menu in the Upfront editor in css. I use to be able to before, but now nothing I do on the main nav css or even if I create my own css for the menu is ever saved. There is an error in the css there and I am not sure if it is having an impact on the site as well, but no amount of changing makes it saveable, so I'm stuck with it.

I have noticed that this site and another Upfront site I just converted, (justinmandair.com) are running very slowly. Both sites where running on iThemes Builder before the switch and it is a very noticeable difference in load times, especially on mobile, nothing much has really changed in either site except the theme. I have done speed tests and Pingdom.com showed that some of the slower loading elements have to do with Upfront (for the justinmandair.com site) http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/#!/kkcEq/justinmandair.com

I have enabled support access on both of the sites mentioned here.