Upfront post styling glitches (CustomPress)


This is a copy & paste from another ticket I had open, but was a followup in a Feedback/Feature thread, so I figured a new ticket would probably be prudent.


One weird issue i'm coming across… Our website, petloversmonthly.com, has custom post_types via CustomPress for various "species", like "Dog Breed". When I go to edit one of the post_types via Upfront now, I experience some odd graphical bugs with the Blog Content boxes, and if I make any changes to the primary layout, like adding new containers/sections, it "jacks up" the content when I save.

See the attached images. First image is of a live post page, unedited. Second image is how it appears now in the Upfront editor. If i try to make any major layout changes, it actually replaces ALL content blocks for that post_type with the H1 "Cats" text. Luckily when it did this, I had a rollback point set, so nothing was lost.

Please get this issue into the hands of someone who can help me to fix it. We've got a tight deadline on this site, and need to start applying design/layout changes to the post pages