Upfront Scribe Template not loading background images

I really liked the look of the scribe theme and decided to implement it on my site. I have had several issues since doing so which i need help resolving.

I am working on a managed Wordpress account with GoDaddy. They are running varnish and it can not be disabled.

I installed Scribe on a fresh Wordpress install. There are no plug-ins running other than the WPMU dashboard.

I am having problems with the layout and background images once I am logged out of upfront.

I have used simple naming conventions for the medial file names and reduced the resolution to the 1080px or smaller size.

On the homepage and many other pages, the background image will not load. If I refresh the page 3 - 4 times, then the page will load correctly.

I have not changed any of the css or other code for the theme.

Please advise if there is a way to solve this problem or with the theme simply not work on go daddy?