upfront - scribe theme blog layout and issues with

I started out with Style on my site and couldn't get any of the updates to stick. I'd edit a page with Upfront and it would not save.

So, tonight, I switched to Scribe and got my pages to save.

I'm just now getting to the blog page and am having an issue.

On the test/display site for Scribe, it shows a grid layout for the blog posts.
However, on my own site, there are only options for single or list view of blog posts.
I want the grid layout.

I also enabled support from WPMU on the site a couple nights ago when I first had issues with Spirit theme, but haven't had a response to that. I did leave a comment in the community forums requesting help too.

So, my question is, How do I get the blog layout to be grid as shown on the demo site?

http://www.kickasswebsitecoach.com is the site.