Upfront Seems to slow down my website

Hi, I am having issues with upfront and the load tines of my website. Here is the resaults of the test :disappointed: http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/#!/fB3YE/http://ljaweb.com

Before I used Upfront I was getting 1 - 2 secs load time, I have a few large images on the page but I have Maxcdn, Nginx, Wp Super Cache, use Google Libraries and Cloud Flare running so I should see a faster load time?

I also use WP Smush and Humming bird.

Is there something I can do to get this loading quicker as I think it is upfront related.


  • Sajid
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    Hi Lewis,
    Hope you are doing good today :slight_smile:

    I tested my site running spirit theme on pingdom without any speed optimization and its giving me 4.5 seconds (not ideal though but fair) on pingdom tools.

    Thanks for granting support staff access, I can see in the performance report that the main issue that hummingbird is pointing is server response time. Its 2 seconds for URL hit and on two other requests the wait time is 4.92 & 4.53 seconds.

    Please follow the recommendations on hummingbird performance test page to improve the server response.

    Hope that helps! Feel free to post a reply if you need further assistance :slight_smile:
    Cheers, Sajid

  • Lewis
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    I changed my theme back to one which doesn't use upfront and the load time was 1.6 secs

    I have also noticed that a 49.6kb file found in the upfront dependencies directory takes my server 4.9 seconds to respond but a 2.5Mb file in the uploads directory takes my serve 3ms to respond.

    It seems to only struggle where Upfront is involved, also I have already upgraded my hosting, it's a VPS 2 x core, 4GB RAM .

  • MrArtist
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    Hi Lewis
    Your problems are sounding very similar to mine (you left a message on my similar ticket yesterday).

    I'm currently running tests between two UK hosting co's servers, one a shared server and the other a VPS and I'm getting surprising results!

    I'm still seeing some longish times for Upfront calls if I look at them via tools.pingdom.com, but overall real-world page loading on identical copies of an Upfront site are currently working much better (and fast enough to not worry) on a shared server believe it or not! [no caching or cdn used yet]

    Without naming and shaming hosting companies here online, it would be good if we could compare notes somehow.

  • Lewis
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    Hello, I can't keep changing hosts every time I have an issue. I changed hosts two weeks ago due to slow response time.

    Also this would never become an issue to me if I wasn't a member of WPMUdev it's only upfront.

    Upgrading servers and changing hosts isnt' a solution to the problem.

  • MrArtist
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    I agree with you on the problem of changing servers, I've been going through the same thing and it's by using Upfront that has perhaps highlighted some issues with my previous hosting.

    It does seem that Upfront requires something that can often be lacking on some services. I have been running a comparative check with my previous hosting co (shared and VPS) versus my new hosting co (shared) and the identical Upfront site is performing 33% faster on the new shared service compared to the previous co's VPS !!! - their shared service was much much worse!

    I'm on my 3rd hosting company in 7 months (more over the years) after spending far too long on the last one believing they'd work out all their tweaks and upgrades and that it should be good enough given their promises of new speeds and performance - however, it just didn't happen or ever work properly.

    Having just changed hosting again, it's like a breath of fresh air seeing things load faster, Upfront has now become usable. I signed up for a trial of full Pingdom to compare the data and the results are are undeniable, even for sites without Upfront.

    Do you have any contact info so we can compare notes? I tried to email you at the ljaweb.com you mentioned above using the name you use here, did you get it?

  • Lewis
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    Hello, here is my VPS server specs:

    OS: CentOS 6.4
    Software Installers: Softaculous
    cPanel: Free
    Database: Unlimited MySQL
    e-mail: Horde, SquirrelMail, RoundCube
    Courtesy Backups: Free
    Bandwidth: Free, Unmetered
    Included IP Addresses: 2
    Memory: 4GB
    Disk: 80GB
    CPUs: 2 x 2GHz
    Network Port Speed: 100Mbps

    This costs me $99 per month

    If I can find a server which is similar and has SSD for the same price I will be happy to change over. I have been recommended to use Digital Ocean I am currently using Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO).

    They are a good host at the moment but when I was having the server monitored by a third party they said the iowait was high and the processor seems to be waiting for the HDD.

    He also recommended I change host :slight_frown:

  • MrArtist
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    Sorry Lewis, I don't do FB.

    I'm currently using HostPresto.com and their reseller package. It's a UK company and it's their base "Starter" package for £25pm + £3pm for a dedicated IP address (inc VAT). It's performing very well so far and I reckon I'll add/upgrade to their VPS later when needs require.

    I think you're UK based, all I can suggest is ask for a trial or try them for a month and if it doesn't work get a refund. Might be worth it for you seeing you're having the same issues I had. Try a comparison.

  • MrArtist
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hi Lewis, I feel your pain. Been there, done that!

    Your site is now responding faster than the other day when I looked, it's still slow I agree (about 9 seconds with my browser cache disabled). Which hosting co. did you try?

    Just a stab in the dark, but a lot of my problems also seemed to stem from trying to develop my site locally (using DesktopServer on Windows [or Mac]) and either by using it's Quick/DirectDeploy methods to get it up to live, or via iThemes BackupBuddy (I'm not sure which or maybe both), something somewhere or somehow corrupted internal paths, Upfront CSS, and had links for images back to development sites. The site still worked and looked okay, but I noticed yesterday the old databse had got up to 250MB for nothing very much. I'm just wondering if you are doing something similar, or are you working directly on the live site? Mind you, even with that corruption I had, the old version of my site did still perform a lot better on my new hosting.

    I've also learnt not to rely too much on what that tools.pingdom.com test says - Using it on my sites I'm still seeing some longish ajax/upfront calls, but in real-world tests, viewing pages is now a lot faster (via my new server co.). Signing up for a trial of the full Pingdom helped me compare a few things between old and new servers better than just that "tools.pingdom.com test. My old hosting showed huge bad spikes in performance all over the place, since I moved, it's a smooth lower line for performance and response times.

    Attached, my before and after swapping servers tools.pingdom results and one I just did of your site.

  • MrArtist
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    This further image (attached below) shows the before and after spikes I mentioned during the few days of server switch over.

    The crazy things is that the left area was on my previous host's Cloud/VPS, and the nice smooth line on the right is on a shared server!!! Go-figure !!! (The new hosting is much more what I should expect for speed and response, in use, front or back-end)

    Both companies are supposed to be near the top of quality UK hosting reviews, but as you see, one is clearly better by a mile. (the site is not active with users or activity so that doesn't explain the spikes).

    (The dip in the left part was only due to me trying a change of site backup so nothing was present for a while).

  • Nastia
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    Hello Lewis

    Sorry for late response!

    Multiply posts in the threads moves the thread at the end of a queue. I've checked your hope page and it does loading slow.

    Please note, your home page size it's 10.2 MB, your page will load must faster if you decrease the size of it.

    I would advise to put the ljaweb-makes-it-easy.gif to another page, and not load it on your home page. Its size is 3.5 MB and it requires almost 3 seconds to load. So without this image your site should be loaded in 5 sec instead of 8 sec. that is now.

    The image laptop-notebook-working-outside.gif, requries 1,25 sec. to load. If you replace it with another one, with a smaller size ( less than 100kb) the speed site will be increased.

    Please try the following solution and let us know if this helps!

    Kind Regards,

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