Upfront Social Icons - Where are they?

I'm trying to wrap my head around Upfront and Spirit. Most of my issues have been due to a certain degree of stubbornness on my part but I notice a lot of odd quirks, at least to me.

In this particular case... Social Icons.

For whatever reason, you all only put three social icons in your builder. Why?

You're using some pretty standard icons that are, or look very much like, those from another pack (the name of which escapes me) that has an icon for almost every social site in existence. You put your three icons in a nice png/svg (yay for Sprites, I guess) but you only put three!

I'm lazy and, if I'm being totally honest, my coding skills for this sort of thing are not so hot. That's why I want to use Builder, so I don't have to hack into CSS and assorted other code for things that, at this point, ought to be pretty standard (yet don't seem to be, go figure).

So, can you please add them or give some actual documentation (my apologies if you have and I missed it) , that's not a dated forum post, on how to do it.