Upfront (Spirit) no longer playing nice with BuddyPress or Business Directory Plugin


I have been using Spirit with BuddyPress and the Business Directory Plugin fairly successfully. After some of the latest updates it appears that spirit no longer plays well.

I've noticed that:
1 - When clicking on a listing - we now get a default upfront page. Note the images below : Image 1 and Image 2.
Here's a page to test this : http://coachcafee.com/business-directory/?wpbdp_view=all_listings and then http://coachcafee.com/business-directory/1512/coach-trisha-walker/

2 - All the buddypress pages seem gone! The community page gives us a 404 and all of the member specific pages simply show the user name.

For reference - this is the link to the business directory plugin : https://wordpress.org/plugins/business-directory-plugin/

Oh and support access is already on.