Upfront Spirit Theme Customize

Hi Guys,
Just started using upfront and shows you guys have put in a lot of blood and sweat into it. I have hit a early designing hiccup and want your take on it / solution.

The Idea: Add circle logo area and then user can add text / image on top of it for their own site.

The Initiative:
- Creating circle via css of text element or region - failed.
- Adding text element to a custom floating region and then move it on top of image - failed
- Adding image and text to separate regions and then get them to sit on top of each other. - Some success.

Problem: Cannot get text to sit on top of image of a circle. Even if I do get them on top of each other, its a selection chaos on trying to select to modify text or image.

Any help or ideas would be great! Because creating the company logo/text as a custom image defeats the purpose of giving power to new user ability to change.