Upfront / Spirit Theme Newsletter Positioning and Action.

Hi there,

Curious to know why the newsletter area on this theme isn't responsive on a cell phone and what can I do in order to fix it. The fields for name, email and submit button all stay in that frame and don't slide one over the other like they should.

Also, what's the setup for the newsletter? Does this work directly with the newsletter plugin in a plug and play fashion or is there some setup required? If so, where are the docs for that?


  • Patrick

    Hi there @KenBosh

    I hope you're well today!

    If you are referring to the "JOIN THE WELLNESS REVOLUTION!" area on the default homepage of the theme, that is really just a placeholder to show what you can do with the theme.

    If you want to integrate e-Newsletter in your page, simply add a region and drag the e-Newsletter Subscribe widget to it. That widget is already set up according to whatever you have configured in your e-Newsletter settings.

    You can the style the widget to fit the overall look of your page, perhaps starting with a simple border & padding like so:
    .widget input {border:1px solid #ccc; padding:10px;}

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