Upfront Spirit Theme not showing up on themes dashboard

I have a multi layered problem so bear with me and read through everything first: Currently using spirit theme: I have some 404 pages and wanted to get them to redirect to the home page so after doing a bit of research decided on the plugin redirection to do the job. I activated the redirection plugin to redirect several 404 pages to the home page. I checked the site after doing this and the site was redirecting to the blog page. I thought .....ok sometimes wordpress does that as default when you don't have static page checked under theme customization but then of course Upfront doesn't have that feature like the old themes do...there is no way to check mark static page to redirect to the customized home page rather than blog posts... so I deactivated the redirection plugin but site was still going to blog page. So I went in to the main site (this is a multisite) dashboard appearances to switch to twenty16 so I could reset to static page hoping it might fix the problem.... ok...now I am no longer showing the home page as blog using 2016.... Now I would like to go back to Spirit and here is where the big problem comes: I noticed this a few weeks ago but didn't think much about it but now I realize there is something wrong. Here it is: I am using pro sites so I have all themes disabled on network dash so that I can use them in the pro site plugin and offer them as premium themes. The only theme that is network activated is 2016. On the mainsite...... when I go to the appearances dashboard, I should see all the installed themes right??? I do see them on the subsite dashboards and I know I should see them on the main site too but all I see is 2016. Before this redirection plugin problem, I had noticed this before but just went ahead and network activated Spirit which is what I want to use on my main site and was able to activate it on the main site dash and go on my merry way but now I realize something is wrong in that it is not showing up on the main site dash appearances and now that I deactivated it network wide to fix this redirection problem, I realized I need to get to the bottom of it asap. Firstly I would like to figure out why it and all the other upfront themes are not showing up on the themes dash for the main site. Secondly, I need to figure out how to either use the redirection plugin so that everything is not going to the blog page or trash the redirection plugin idea and fix the fact that everything is redirecting to blog page. I also need to fix my upfront themes again so I can use them. I currently have site in offline mode so no one can see this horrible mess. 2016 isn't how I want the world to see the site right now and I have it activated currently. I enabled dashboard access to you but the site offline mode may impair your access. Let me know if you need credentials to take a look. Please help asap.

  • Luís

    @leslie_diederichHi @leslie_diederich,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    If a theme is not network enabled, I think is expected that it will not be shown in the subsites (as well as the main website).

    If you are using Pro Sites and you want to use the Premium themes module, you can network enable all themes, if the user don't have the "right" level, he/she will see the theme, but the theme will be displayed blocked. Only the users with the minimum Pro Site level defined for premium themes , will be able to enable the theme.

    Regarding to the redirection issue, your website is using the blog page as home page?

    Have you tried setting the homepage in Settings -> Reading, Front page displays field, checking "A "static page (select below)?

    Cheers, Luís

  • Leslie

    Hi there Luis, thanks for responding. I restored my database to get back to the upfront spirit theme before I activated the redirection plugin so my problems are under control. However, the issue with the upfront themes still persists. With Pro sites, you need to not network enable themes in order for them to show up on the pro sites plugin area where one denotes which theme is chosen for the different levels. Even without the themes networked enabled, they should still show up under themes on the main site if not the sub sites. Right now, I have all themes except 2016 network disabled. I see all the themes on one sub site and only spirit and 2016 on the main site. If I were to deactivate spirit right now, I would lose access to it again on the main site until I network enable it. I still don't think that is how it is supposed to work but I may be wrong. Maybe more members or staff can give their opinion on this matter.

    As far as the redirection issue, I tried to set the reading settings as static to get rid of the blog as the home page, however in upfront---the home page is customized and is not included in the list and can not be checked in settings. So....I am still hoping to get help with upfront to be able to redirect 404 pages to home page and not have it automatically switch the home page to the blog page. there is a thread about this and it involves an index.html file but I would like more information on this issue before proceeding. https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/how-can-you-return-to-the-home-page-after-modifying-another-page-in-upfront

  • Luís

    Hi @leslie_diederich,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    Firstly, sorry for the lack of information in the previous reply.

    From what I know, if a theme is network disabled, it will not show in any of your subsites, even in the main site, but, from what I know, we have two workarounds:

    Enabling the theme just for a specific site

    1) In the network admin panel, go to Sites and Edit your main website;

    2) In the Themes tab, enable the theme you want;

    Network Disabling

    If a theme is network enabled and some of your subsites have it "Active" and the Super Admin network disables the theme, sites using that theme will remain unchanged. Just when an admin switches the theme, it will be removed from the Appearance menu.

    Reagrding to the redirection issue, Upfront uses a virtual page to the "Home" page, so it will be not listed.

    But the redirection plugin you are using don't work with absolute url's? i.e: http://www.domain.com

    Cheers, Luís

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