Upfront / Spirit | Transferring Dev to Live


I have the typical issue that I developed/designed a site using Upfront & Spirit and I did that on a development site as opposed to the live site. I have the issue of needing to transfer the site design from Site A (the development site) to Site B (the live site).

Now I did use a solution and plugin provided form the following post here

Unfortunately the site at http://them-demo.sirius-designs.com/

and the "live" (this is another testing site, but for discussion purposes let's say that this is the "live site") located at http://sirius-dev.cf/

Unfortunately you can see some big issues between the two. They are somewhat minor, but the issues I think are:

Custom Styles that were created for Spirit in Upfront are not being transferred by the plugin.

'Some' Multimedia from the WordPress site isn't getting transferred either but that can be easily remedied by transferring the Uploads folder from Site A to Site B, which keeps consistency.

I am more certain that the plugin is unable to carry over user defined / custom CSS rules created.

So does anyone have any tips on resolving this for myself, and i'm sure others as well?


Robert S.