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I have the typical issue that I developed/designed a site using Upfront & Spirit and I did that on a development site as opposed to the live site. I have the issue of needing to transfer the site design from Site A (the development site) to Site B (the live site).

Now I did use a solution and plugin provided form the following post here

Unfortunately the site at http://them-demo.sirius-designs.com/

and the "live" (this is another testing site, but for discussion purposes let's say that this is the "live site") located at http://sirius-dev.cf/

Unfortunately you can see some big issues between the two. They are somewhat minor, but the issues I think are:

Custom Styles that were created for Spirit in Upfront are not being transferred by the plugin.

'Some' Multimedia from the WordPress site isn't getting transferred either but that can be easily remedied by transferring the Uploads folder from Site A to Site B, which keeps consistency.

I am more certain that the plugin is unable to carry over user defined / custom CSS rules created.

So does anyone have any tips on resolving this for myself, and i'm sure others as well?


Robert S.

  • Ash

    Hello @Robert

    Welcome to WPMU community!

    I hope you are doing good and thanks for asking the question :slight_smile:

    You have to replace database. The tool is mentioned in other thread just backup the theme related data, custom scripts are not imported I am afraid.

    How's about using a backup and restore plugin like: https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/snapshot/ ? You can take full backup from one site and restore into another site.

    Hope it helps :slight_smile: Please feel free to ask more question if you have any.


  • Robert

    Hi @Ashok,

    I have actually thought about using the amazing and awesome snapshot plugin from you guys and in some situations that is an amazing idea.

    However for this situation I did do the Development Site on another installation and the original installation contains various sensitive user data (and forum data) as well as custom user accounts that cannot be overwritten or transferred easily between either install).

    Additionally this problem is a common instance if I were working to design a site for a client and they were to already have a well established site that contained a fair amount of user data, or a client (in general) not wanting to overwrite their base WordPress install / database.

    I do have an idea that might pose as a temporary fix? Would it be possible to run a query that narrows all tables in WP Options portion of the database that selects all the tables that deal with upfront/spirit and export / import them out and back into the Live Site?

    If that might work, would you happen to know of the string or series of commands to run on the database to do so?

    If not do you have any other recommendations?


    Robert S.

  • Robert

    Hi @Ashok & @Gagan,

    Yeah, I actually resolved that. The way around that would be manually downloading / uploading the live site and development site's media (wp-content/uploads) folder together, essentially merging them.

    So long as nothing is named the same (no conflicts) everything will show up accordingly! I have done this with success, once so far. The only small hiccup is the styles not transferring, after that it's game on! ?

    Kindest Regards,

    Robert S.

  • Gagan

    Hello Robert,

    Happy New Year :slight_smile:

    In order to transfer a website from one server/hosting to another, these 4 steps are required

    1. Transfer all the files from point A to point B.
    2. Transfer the database from point A to point B (You can mysqldump the database at point A to a text file containing the sql code. Then import the same file to point B's database using the mysql source command). If you have phpMyadmin in place, then you can do the same process via its user interface.

    3. Once the above steps are accomplished, you will need to edit the wp-config.php file (which is now at point B), to update the host, user, password and database information in order to connect to the new database at point B (This is the same database that you created by importing that sql dump file).

    4. In the new database's wp_options table, update the option_value field with the new url, for the records with option_name 'home', and 'siteurl'. These would usually be the first 2 records in the list. Again, you will need to do so via phpMyadmin or directly by issuing sql commands.

    The above process ensures that all the content whether in the files or in the database is transferred.

    Kind Regards

  • Robert

    Hey @Gagan,

    Thank you for the information, however I do know this. The situation is a bit different, I and my client want to transfer the custom CSS made by me that's stored for the Upfront theme's portion of the WordPress database. I believe that's in the WP Options table? I was wondering if you could give me a command in SQL to initiate that would select all of the Upfront "Spirit" theme's changes and modifications and export them, so that I could export it and import it as an SQL file.

    Please let me know how one would be able to do that. From there it's as easy as you listed. But the situation would be transferring to a site i'm developing on and into my client's already established site.

    Kind Regards,

    Robert S.

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