Upfront + SSL breaks editor in Fixer Theme


First of all, loving the Upfront themes....up until I installed a wildcard SSL which ended up breaking a lot of the features on my site. I run into most errors with the domain mapping plugin enabled as I am forcing https on the front end of the sites. The newer theme "Panino" seems to have less issues....but when trying to use it on Fixer, the images are not loading up due to mixed http and https linkage.

A couple questions related and unrelated to this topic:

1) What are the ideal settings to ensure optimal behavior while using SSL with Upfront?
2) When activating the theme...is it best practice to also change the "reading settings" so that the home page is set to an actual page created via wordpress? I found this best so that I can use the global header/footer across all pages....but it seems that it may not be intended to work this way.
3) The errors only occurred after the latest update to the upfront editor, so I'm not sure if its directly related with a bug. My content all of a sudden disappeared, which was a bit frustrating.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!