Upfront stuck, won't render in chrome

Hello all,

Iv'e been having quite a bit of trouble loading upfront in chrome in order to edit my website, what happens is that when the page is rendering at about 44% - 45% it starts to slow down, then at 50% - 51% it just get's completely stuck and no mater what I've tried in chrome upfront will not render past 51%.

To get around this I've been using Firefox, although in Firefox upfront still acts up at 44% - 45% when I get to 48% I'm presented with a Warning: Unresponsive script dialog box that (see attached image) gives me three options "Continue", "Debug Script" and "Stop Script". Let me start by saying that I know nothing about scripting language so I haven't even tried that option, but when I chose "Continue" (just as in chrome) upfront won't render past 51% but If I choose "Stop Script" (as many as three times), with a slightly different Warning: Unresponsive script dialog box each time, then upfront slowly nudges past 51% and then zips on by to finally reach 100% and allow me to edit my page.

So far I haven't noticed any lost functionality but I cant help to wonder If something's wrong with my page because of this Scripting Error or if i'ts not that big a deal.