Upfront theme error causing site crash

I've had scribe running on my mom's site for a while and she's been editing the content of the pages without making backups. Our site recently crashed and I get 500 server error, when I was setting up scribe originally I got the same error but un-installed and re-installed it a few times and it didn't work so I started from a fresh install of WP and then it worked, uploaded the content and everything worked fine, till now. I can't seem to fix it on my own, and I don't know how to retrieve the copy/content that my mother created in upfront.

I'm hoping to either fix the issue and be able to re-upload the old theme files but if that's not possible, I'd like some advice on going into the file and retrieving the content myself if anyone has done it before and has any advice. If I end up using the second solution, anyone know of a good replacement theme to use until upfront is more stable?