Upfront theme platform beta: The ultimate WordPress theme

Hi Everyone,

A couple of years ago we were puzzling over how to bring WPMU DEV members beautiful, functional and customizable themes.

We were fed up with shortcodes, hideously complex preference windows and the world of WordPress theme customization being limited at best to brave and at worst to the developers amongst us.

We wanted to make these themes as easy to use as is humanly possible, as simple to customize and edit as we could manage, completely elegantly coded to take care of responsive layouts and (no small deal) work really well with plugins.

We figured it’d take roughly 3 to 6 months… we were much mistaken :slight_smile:

But we persisted, and two years later have built up a great team of designers and developers who are super happy to present to you the very first version of what we’ve come to call ‘Upfront‘.

What is Upfront?

Upfront is a User-friendly, extremely versatile and infinitely customizable drag-and-drop WordPress theme platform.

To use regular WP parlance, Upfront is a parent theme that allows you to simply customize, edit and manage a WordPress site, design ‘n all, more or less entirely from the front end.

Getting Started

We have prepared a short guide for you on getting started with Upfront. You will find it in attachements as well as Upfront & Spirit. Please have a quick glance, we’ve kept it very brief (6 pges) because we know that no one likes to read long manuals.

Important Caveat

This is an incredibly early beta, there will be bugs and issues, do not use this on a site you care about (and if you do, please backup witH Snapshot first https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/snapshot/)

Please have a go and let us know what you think! We’re really interested in problems, bugs, issues and things we can improve on.

We’ve created a new private forum for this: https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/forum/upfront

Please post there – although replies are welcome to this post too.

Below this we will post a list of know bugs / issues and some potential work-arounds. Please check with it before reporting a bug.

Oh and of course we also care a great deal about features, and functionality… but we’re thinking we should really get this out there now and build those in organically, so we’re unlikely to consent to it making you a nice cup of tea just yet, but maybe in 2.0.

Really looking forward to your feedback… I hope we’ve made something that you’ll find useful and enjoyable.

The Upfront Team