Upfront Theme Platform -- Beta v.3

Hello everyone,

Well, it's time for an updated beta of Upfront. For those that are new, here's a quick summary of what Upfront is:

What is Upfront?

Upfront is a User-friendly, extremely versatile and infinitely customizable drag-and-drop WordPress theme platform.

To use regular WP parlance, Upfront is a parent theme that allows you to simply customize, edit and manage a WordPress site, design 'n all, more or less entirely from the front end.

for more info about Upfront, please refer to original beta announcement here

What's new in this release:

• Heaps of bug fixes
• Improved sidebar UI for smaller resolution displays
• Significant performance improvements, bunch of memory leaks fixed overall a much more stable release
• A 'Dynamic Feedback Icon' for color pickers
• Posts / Pages pop-up simplified ( removed Comments tab for now )
• Issue with pages created from page templates not saving the modified design is resolved
• UI For lightboxes improved and made more customizable
• Posts Element Improvements (loads). User can now specify wrapping markup for meta parts.
• Elements inside groups can now be edited (more design flexibility)
• Some responsive design improvements
• 'New Post' experience improved

and many more things that I have no doubt forgotten to mention. Hope you enjoy this update.

Please, note that Upfront is still in a very early Beta stage. Of course, this means there will be some bugs and issues still, so please, don't use it on a site you care about just yet.

We thank you for the awesome feedback this far, it has helped us tremendously. Please, keep it up!