Upfront theme usage of 3rd party plugins, Specifically NextGen Gallery

I’m trying to figure out how the Luke + Sara theme is intended to be used. The info written up on the theme is limited about any information on what and how the pages are intended to be used. This would be quite helpful if there was some info in the explanations about what the features are and how the pages were built.

It appears the portfolio page http://demo.upfront.pro/lukesara/portfolio/ is supposed to be there for people to chose an album, but this only takes you to a page that appears to be a blog post. Where do galleries/albums come into play? Similar to the following sample page I’m trying to duplicate. http://summerly.imagely.com/galleries/

I have turned to the NextGen plugin to try and get what I need since there seems to be much more info out there on how to use this plugin for a photography website that is selling and proofing photos for customers.

The only problem is that I can’t figure out how to make the plugin work on one of the pages provided for the Upfront themes. It would be great if there were any kind of videos about modifying these Upfront themes, but I haven’t found any.

I would like to modify the Portfolio page to point to my Albums to and have those links go to the Gallery of choice. I am not sure how to modify the nested pieces for the different galleries they currently point to. Or, maybe the better way is to create an entirely new page to do this using the NextGen plugins that I have purchased? But, How would I use these in the Upfront pages to accomplish something like the following examples from the Imagely Theme pages that use NextGen?

I need to have ecommerce pages where people can buy the prints that already exist



Also, I need to add the plugin to a page that allows me to create albums/galleries for work that people need to proof work like the pages below.



I can’t seem to find any tutorials that would help me to learn how to modify these themes. They seem to be written for someone that understands the menu picks and all the terminology before hand. A video of how these pages were created and can be edited after they exist would go a long ways to help a beginner like me to know what buttons are pushed and when to edit these different fields and grouped entities.