Upfront themes not optimized for IE??

I'm not sure if this is something on my side only as I can't believe the Upfront themes wouldn't be cross browser compatible. But every single theme that I check using your demo links (e.g. http://demo.upfront.pro/lukesara) doesn't seem to look right in IE? And this is the problem I'm now having, which is super frustrating after all the recent bugs and unexplained issues (refer to previous tickets). I decided the best way to move on was to uninstall Scribe and start from scratch using a different theme, Luke and Sara. So far I am noticing it is a lot more stable than Scribe was but now these IE issues are tripping me up. Please could you view the Homepage and see what I mean with the map. I've done some research but cannot seem to find a way to fix the positioning of the map background.
Please help?