Upfront Themes the superhuman ones

Just a quick question, not exactly tech support worth, but all the same:

I'm playing around with the new upfront themes, and yes it's pretty easy to use, point, click n drag n all that.

But I'm wondering if there is more documentation? I found the .pdf guide, but that was pretty light. I've only been playing with it a few minutes and already wondering why some of the elements from the front page, appear on pages and posts.

I looked for a setting such as "global" or something on the elements. Then I looked under theme settings, and didn't see anything there, outside of global css type things.

I love the easy parallax effect, and easy forms, and css changes, that's cool. But I just feel there is some documentation somewhere I"m missing :slight_smile: I'm still a bit new with WPMU dev, but have been working with wordpress for quite a while.

Oh not sure if this matters, but I'm testing out Spirit on a really new site I built originally with Generate Press theme.

More questions:

The main menu changes to the top position hook on pages/posts, why? How is that defined. Why are some elements in the footer when I've not placed them there, or why is there not any widgets?
How can I edit the main blog page, can I make it a grid or not? Speaking of that, where do I define the home page, being a single page or latest posts?

See I know these questions are out there somewhere, I probably just am missing out on some documentation :slight_smile:

  • Michelle Shull

    Hey there, Felix!

    Glad you found the videos, we also did a pretty extensive series of how-to posts for Upfront on our Blog. (Click the blog link in the top menu bar, then search for Upfront.) There are seven or eight different blog posts, all with great screenshots and explanations on how everything works.

    Some general help on your questions:
    Widgets can be added anywhere, which is really cool. Just drag a widget element to wherever you'd like to add one. You can create a quasi-sidebar to hold widgets, or just drop them in anywhere you'd like.

    You can choose between a static page and your recent posts via Settings > General in your WP Admin area, just like with other themes.

    When you add a new element to a page or post, you'll have the opportunity to decide if the change applies only to that page or post, or if it will be applied to ALL posts/pages.

    Hope this helps!

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