Upfront UI doesn't show any icons

I have a clean install of WP with multisite, ProSites etc. For the first site I have installed the Fixer theme. When I try to edit the site with Upfront there are no icons showing up. I was unable to make a screenshot (UI disappeared when in screenshot mode, thus a photo)

  • Patrick Kaim

    Hi Adam,

    I do have the editor on the left. Those icons show, but it's in the area to the right when you select an element. I see a red square for example but no icon. Als when placing a text element on the page and double clicking it gives me a 'menu' on top (see attached image) but the bar only shows two icons not the others for alignment ect. This is not only with the text element but with al of them (only in the content area).
    I have no caching plugin installed (yet) this is a clean setup with only some WPMUDEV plugins like ProSites, DomainMapping, WPMU Dash and Ultimate Branding.

    This site is on a CentOS system in my datacenter, my company is a hosting provider. I have full control of the server. Normally we build ColdFusion sites ect. but for ease of use and some clients we are now getting started with WordPress.



  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Patrick,

    I hope you're well today!

    As you aren't using any caching plugin and the issue appears on different browsers, please try the following solution:

    1. Login to your site via FPT
    2. Delete the the Upfront and Fixer folders (respectively: /upfront/ and /up-fixer/) from /wp-content/themes/
    3. Follow this guide to clean the database (before you even login back to your admin dashboard):
    4. Install Fixer again from your "WPMU DEV Dashboard"

    This procedure will however remove all traces of Fixer/Upfront from your WordPress so any changes made will be lost. You may want then to make a full backup of your database before.

    Let me know please if it helped!


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