Upfront UI is displaying strange code instead of the actual content

I first had an issue with Upfront not working on my sub-domain multisite installation, so I switched to a new domain and now the UI is loading with a bunch of {{ content }}/etc instead of the actual content. Before the Upfront UI wouldn't load at all on the other sites, now it loads but it's showing those bracket codes.

The first site that I created does work correctly, but the other two are not.
I am also getting these errors in the console, but I'm not sure if they're related:
SyntaxError: expected expression, got '<'
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TypeError: t is undefined
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  • Kasia Swiderska
    • Support nomad

    Hello John,

    Are you using Cloudflare by any chance? If yes, please try adding those to wp-config.php:

    set_time_limit (900);
    define ( 'WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '300M' );

    And purge CloudFlare cache.
    Then replace first line of /upfront/elements/upfront-contact-form/templates/ucontact.html.tpl with:
    <div class="upfront-contact-form" role="form" >

    Let me know if this will fix the issue

    kind regards,

  • John
    • New Recruit

    Hello Kasia,

    Thanks for looking into it.

    I've made these changes but unfortunately the page is still not working. Additionally, it seems the Dashboard -> Upfront -> Builder -> Modify current theme menu doesn't work either (it just takes me to the front page).

  • Ivan
    • Developer

    Hey John,

    Sorry for delayed answer. To fix this issue you can replace replace the first line of elements/upfront-contact-form/templates/ucontact.html.tpl with:
    <div class="upfront-contact-form" role="form" >
    Since that is not helping could you enable support access so I can check what is going on.


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