upfront using no longer staying on menu items

I created some CSS that relies on the <span data-hover> property being set on the menu and before the 1.7 upgrade, I could modify the menu from the Upfront editor by simply editing the menu and adding, for example:

<span data-hover="Home">Home</span>

Here is the site http://upfrontchildthemes.com/eleanor/
Support granted ( Access active until 8:25pm in 5 days )

But that went away with the 1.7 upgrade and if I try to set it in the editor, it does not persist.

I can add it to Appearance --> Menu from WordPress, but then it gets removed, again, when I try to use the Builder.

This is a fairly sizeable set back for what I'm trying to do with Upfront and CSS in the menu.

What is the reason and how can I get it to work?