Upfront vs Divi - A Comparison of the Two Please?

I'm debating between using Divi and Upfront... I'm really to the Upfront idea, so I'm hoping someone can help me understand the differences. Some questions, if anyone wouldn't mind... Now, please know that I'm a fan (and long time member) of WPMUDev... So this is not in any way a question of whether or not Upfront is good. But I'm at a crossroads with this site I'm going to start on and I'd like to make an informed decision:

1. Can I just use Upfront or do I have to use one of these six child (starter) themes? Does this mean that I should be making mine a grandchild?
2.Does Upfront play well with WooCommerce? I noticed that none of the child themes seem to have a cart and I saw no mention of ecommerce in the demo descriptions.
3. Is Upfront very similar to Divi? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of one over the other? Are both simply good decisions? When would I choose one over the other?
4. If I ever decide to leave Upfront and use a different theme, do I get all kinds of crazy shortcodes and tags to clean up as is the case with Divi?

Thanks so much for any assistance.