UPFRONT - WANT TO EMBED INSTAGRAM -- Embed own code / third party code -- doesn't work

I am using Upfront - and when i drag and drop the code element -- it asks me if i want to enter a third party code or my own

When I choose third party code - it comes up with text saying "Enter your markup here" -- but it doesnt let me put in code anywhere?

When I choose my own - I use the code offered by instagram (and other peoples suggested code) and the code's text only comes up -- not the actual thing i want to embed. I have tried pasting it into the different tabs HTML, CSS and JS

I feel like it is something small/silly I am not doing right - but I have spent so much time trying to figure it out with no luck.

Any help will be appreciated

** I tried "site :premium.wpmudev.org/forums/ input your search" and no other threads came up