Upfront — What's easiest way to copy page template?

Right now, I’m having trouble with the Multisite Content Copier and New Blog Template. I’m trying to find answers in the documentation, but have not yet.

The next step I’m going to try is to create an empty subdomain as a place to put them because it will not let me do what I really wanted to do.

All I wanted to do is this:





or copy to this:


I have already created a home page as a test page not realizing this simple task would be so difficult.

It will not let me copy to a “main site” only a blog?? But why? My “main site” — albeit now home page of my network — started out as a blog.

I’m sorry to say that, but in the past I always just copied the file to whatever FTP folder it needed to be in, and the fact that we can’t access our FTP files is difficult.

(Although I saw something about going into the PHP database. Oh aarrgh…don’t even remember how to get into that account.)