Upfront Won't Let Me Put Things Wherever I Want Anymore

I have been away from working on my site for a little while, and came back and have been trying to continue. Upfront seems to have updated a little bit since then. I'm now having issues with automatic snapping of objects, and putting things where I want them. The element sizes of things like images are automatically changing too.

So, in the first picture, you'll see the brand new logo that I'm adding. It obviously expanded the size of the area, so I wanted to move the menu down a little bit to compensate for that a little.

Second picture is when I grab the element to drag it. The entire area to the right of the logo is highlighted purple. No matter where I put it in that area, it automatically snaps back to the top. This is the problem I'm running into.

Third picture, is if I drag the element too low, the highlighted purple shifts from the whole open area, to a small line at the bottom. Obviously signifying it'll be moved down.

Fourth/fifth picture, after putting it there, this happens. Te menu is now placed below the logo, but for some odd reason, the logo element size has now expanded to fill the entire page width.(fourth and fifth pictures were screen shots from different times trying it, which is why the logo is moved to the center in one but not the other)

Tried it in Chrome and Firefox. Maybe I'm just delusional, but I don't remember having problems trying to place elements wherever I want next to other elements a couple weeks ago.

Support access is granted.