Upfront_Virtual_Region class not adding modules and wrappers


When created an Upfront_Virtual_Region the only way to add modules and wrapper is by specifying the API margin settings and letting the class build them itself with the add_element function.

This is an issue if you just want to drop in an already generated region that has modules and wrappers already built and intact.

Is there a specific reason for this?

To get around it I have extended the class by adding this to my Upfront child themes functions.php:

class Upfront_Virtual_Region_Updated extends Upfront_Virtual_Region
    public function __construct ($args, $properties = array()) {

        $this->modules = $args["modules"];
        $this->wrappers = $args["wrappers"];

        parent::__construct($args, $properties);

This lets me drop in a complete region including modules and wrappers. This lets me cut and paste regions directly out of the database into my template files without having to decipher the layout properties and re-create them for the class to build again.

Can I get some feedback from the developers please to let me know if this will conflict with future updates?

It's a small change so is it possible to get an official patch that adds this logic?