Upfront>Fixer Image Sliders Text

Hi folks:

A fresh support access via wpmudev is now enabled.

Here is the subsite dashboard link: http://bit.ly/1M8pAsX

It is a Upfront>Fixer theme.

There are 3 image sliders. This is basic stuff normally, but with this Upfront>Fixer we can not quickly/easily find the clicks to do it. The first image is business folks, the next is a senior retirement image, and the next is a family representation image.

Across the bottom of the sliders, we need the following text on each slider separately:


on the business photo slider:

“Your Employees are the heart of your business. We help you keep them covered with affordable health, life, dental/vision, disability and retirement plans.”


On the Senior photo:

“You’ve worked hard and can now enjoy your Golden Years. Medicare can be confusing! We help put your mind at ease by guiding you to the right Medicare plan for your budget and healthcare needs.”


On the Dad and child photo:

“Families without employer sponsored health insurance are on their own to obtain their own Employee Benefits. We’ve specialized in providing custom tailored health, life, disability and retirement plans for the Self-Employed Since 1989.”


Then . . . ***The text needs to be changed to black or white depending on what is behind it so it can be read on each of the 3 sliders.

Here are 3 screenshots of each slider for your reference too (see attached).

Please let me know ASAP if you would kindly . . .