Upfront/Fixer menu float works good but . . .

Hey folks,

See the attached screenshot.

The site is set to have the top menu "float" on the homepage and the /blog page for example (each menu is totally different fyi).

The float is working fine . . . smile.

However, how can we make that menu bar make a white background for the menus to span across the screen behind the menu text/links once they begin to scroll? The reason for this is because if not, the text gets to mixed up and lost with various other text colors and background images as the person scrolls.

When they first land on the page, we would not want the white bar background to show at all though (ONLY after the person begins to scroll down). Being able to set it to appear after "x" amount of scrolling would be good too (i.e. after "x" pixels or "x" length of scroll or whatever could be done).

Is there some quick css or similar to be able to add this ability now?

Also, dev may want to add this as a option later too in the UI.


Please let me know.