Upfront\Fixer Theme Bug within Navigation

Hi there, I am just playing around with Fixer and Upfront.
Navigating to the /blog results in strange behavior of the Navbar (default setup, clean install of WP Core, Plugin and Theme).

Repro Steps:
- Navigate domain.com/blog
- Navigate to "Services" from TopNAvBar
-- You will end in domain.com/servives-inner/
-- Same for any other link in TopNav while in /blog

Expected Behavior:
- Using TopNavbar from /blog should bring the user back to the default home with related section (i.e.: domain.com/#services)

I won´t need a workaround but kindly ask to get it fixed in with your next release.
Unless this is by design, this ticket can be closed - otherwise please explain me that "feature" :slight_smile: