Upfront,Scribe,New page-"Save as Draft" keep editing (not happening)

Make a new page.
Enter name- go to new page- where I have to save/preview (photo)
If I have to or want to save- why can't I just save changes and keep working?
Currently- Save as Draft 9seems to be the only option) takes me to- (photo)
A page I cannot edit.
I have to go back to my home page, search for the new page and then go bak to the new page to edit it--
sometimes this means waiting for upfront to load several times .... grrrrr
Sometimes this Save as draft seems to mean I am creating several extra copies of the page ....grrrr

I tried to trash these- once it seemed to work, but then they came back in my pages list... grrrr
Now in the pages list- the "edit" button works, the "view" button works, the "trash" button is unresponsive

Is it just me?