Upfront/Spirit and Advanced Custom Fields - Displays values in Customizer but not live


I've recently put together a nice global options/variable/fields setup with advanced custom fields and am having a hard time getting them to display on the frontend.

I'm using the Shortcode Exec PHP plugin to render the required PHP to display my ACF fields (I've also tried using the PHP text widget but yielded the same results).

My problem is that the PHP runs just fine when I'm in customizer mode, but when I hit save and check it normally....the output is non existent with no errors in the console (screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ip9d12dyxts8bzn/Screenshot%202015-08-06%2020.12.19.jpg?dl=0 - ACF is the left text). That particular value is being output from a repeater field....but I've also tried a plain text field to no avail.

Here is a screenshot of the site after I've saved and exited the customizer: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jy1o2rt6v4dzn5p/Screenshot%202015-08-06%2020.14.49.jpg?dl=0

The "hello world" text on the right is just the default PHP shortcode to show that it isn't a problem with the PHP Exec plugin, but seems like it lies somewhere with ACF and Upfront. Do you guys have any idea why this would not be rendering properly? Haven't been able to find a solution on the forum as it relates directly to UF