Upfront/Spirit problem/bug with Appointments+

Hello there,
I hope this finds you well.
I am having some problems with integrating Appointments+ in Upfront/Spirit.
I originally tried it with putting one short code call per text widget, that didn't work (meaning the calendar was not clickable, yes I had [app_confirmation] in there.. :wink:)
I then tried calling all the short codes for an appointment selection in one text widget... same result (that's what left there http://www.onenesscom.com/worldpeaceproject-spirit/services/ with some editing mess.. :wink:)
Then I tried creating a new page from within upfront, which took me to the regular wordpress page setup, I created a test page, put my shortcodes in there... and tadah it works... but then I can't style it as the other pages in the theme... (I understand I can add a section but the title that I need for the page can't be in the pretty header like on the other pages) I noticed the element on this test page is a "post".. (from the wheel selection) but this is not the same "post" than what we get in the draggable element section.. I tried, and the options I get clicking on the "wheel" are different.... (the test page is there http://www.onenesscom.com/worldpeaceproject-spirit/test/)

Would you have any suggestion by chance?
Thanks a lot for any help you can provide,