Upgrade Doesn't Acknowledge Current Level

Team WPMU,

OK, I’m not going to beat around the bush here — I am VERY upset with the Pro-Sites plugin at this point and I request IMMEDIATE assistance to clear it up.

Every upgrade and “correction” has only introduced new problems — every single one confusing my members (and frustrating the heck out of me).

After upgrading today to (hopefully) fix some lingering issues from the previous update, a new wrinkle as arisen — it tells everyone their account is expired, even though it isn’t.

Every site now has a “To Publish More Posts, Please upgrade to Standard” — even though that site may be at the Premium level. This is squarely in the realm of the “Post/Page Quotas” plugin, which I’ve deactivated to prevent hysteria, but which is important to my long term business model.

Please resolve.