upgrade for admin role only prosite

I only want admin roles to see the upgrade button that appears in the admin tool bar in prosites.

How do I prevent other roles from viewing the button?

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    Thanks for standing by while I was looking into this.

    I agree to the fact that it should only be available for the administrators of the site and not the subscribers as if they see and click it, it will take them to the pro sites upgrade page and will say that “Sorry you are not an admin on any sites”

    We can completely remove that from the admin bar by selecting Remove the Pro Sites upgrade menu button from the admin bar option in the pro sites settings.

    Instead it would be better if we show an option to create a free site or something like that in place of that button for the roles other than admin, it would be a good sales pitch. Getting a subscriber sign up for a free blog which would result in more conversions

    I would however tag our lead developer @aaron on this and look forward for his feedback on this one.

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    The role that is checked for upgrade button and checkout is ‘edit_pages’, which usually equated to editor or above.

    However, I see that if they don’t have permissions that button still shows and sends them to the eariler checkout step where they can choose from any blogs they are an editor for. This was by design I think as on edublogs it’s pretty common for a user to be a subscriber on one blog, and have admin/editor permissions on others, so we want to show the upgrade button always so they can upgrade their own blogs. This is also the same thing wp.com does, doesn’t matter where on the site you are, there is always an upgrade button.

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