Upgrade from MarketPress Lite to Markpress not working as expected

Hi – I have just joined and downloaded the full version of Marketpress after running Lite for a week or so.

BTW – after months of pulling my hair out with wp-ecommerce – I loved the ease of use of the Marketpress lite – well done all!!!

However : – (

Marketpress Lite History… I modified the Shop page by adding some additional text and images with links to product categories, added t-shirt>Plectrum Design and postcard>windsor souvenirs product categories and added 12 products under these categories.

To Upgrade… I deactivated the MP Lite plugin and cleared all caches

Installed and activated the full Marketpress plugin – made changes under store settings>presentation such as change Icons to Modern

Again I cleared my caches but do not see any change – the pricing does not show and the postcards product category page does not display properly e.g. no title heading

Is it a question of clearing all? and starting again rebuilding the store from scratch?

It wouldn’t be a mammoth task but hopefully there’s a more efficient way backend. I have checked my server and cannot see any lite legacy files…

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

BTW website is http://www.windsorartscene.com/windsor-arts-shop/