Upgrade from Membership to Membership V2

We are testing an upgrade from Membership to Membership V2, and here is what we have done

1. We set up a test subscription ($1 per day) on the old system and added a user using paypal

2. We follow the procedure given by WPMU and have successfully imported all subscriptions

3. We setup the automatic matching so new transactions from paypal where showing fine under the user.

4. We added a htaccess basis password protection on the site, so paypal could no longer send their payload, and therefore the user did no long pay for his subscription.

Now we would expect that the user would then we be expired and not long be able to access the site, but the user just keeps being in the same subscription even though he does not pay, and able to access everything.

So that is our problem. We would like to know why he not taken out of the subscription when he is not paying.