Upgrade Renewal Buttons not displaying AND auto renew versus finite.

Two issues:

Upgrade/renewal price and pay buttons are not displaying on [renewform]. Member is set to yearly with auto renewal through PayPal Express. We have a lifetime membership, and the description is displaying but no button to upgrade displays.

I changed the Yearly to finite, it tells me when the membership ends, but still gives me no button/payment option to renew. I assumed because the membership had not expired. BUT, I want them to be able to renew within the month before their membership expires, not the day of.

Did I miss a setting for the renewal options to display?


Second issue: Some people hate auto-renewals. I know I do. Can I create a 'Yearly - Auto Renew' option and a 'Yearly Finite' option both through PayPal Express? When set to automatically renew, they need to see the date it's going to renew. It does not show. Can I make it show?

I need that expiration date to show on both options.