Upgrade Reporting


Is there any possibility of adding reporting (at least basic) to the Upgrades plugin? I consider this a very important feature for reconciling PayPal expenses with Upgrade purchases. This would also open the door to increase functionality, as we could use the Upgrades plugin to sell other services such as SEO and other things that aren't automated via plugins. But, without the plugin even notifying us when someone purchases an upgrade, it's hard to do this. We don't want to code a custom plugin to notify us, because the goal of this membership is to save as much coding as possible. :wink:

And, no matter what, it would be good to see a summary or accounting of client upgrades.

An aside: I'd love to see this feature added to the separate Upgrades plugin, and/or it would be great to see Upgrades merged with Supporter so we can charge for all services from a single plugin instead of needing multiple approaches for different kinds of transactions (pay-to-blog, upgrade Supporter level, various other upgrades, etc.).