[Upgrade] Submit different answer option (1.2.6 version new feature)


My advice to WPMU team, best way to use the feature ¨Submit a different answer¨

I noticed that the WPMU team put an option to submit a different answer,the problem is when you put any answer in this field and you want to correct it and click on ¨Submit different answer¨ will reload the page and you won't be able to see your old answer, basically if you want to just adjust your answer you would have to Copy, click Submit different answer, paste and edit (that could be more user friendly)

My opinion is that it could be better used if the user could EDIT the answer, better yet that the page didn't reload, and something I feel is missing is the editor box for students (as we have as teacher to comment on exercises), so you can bold some words, underline etc, remember that we are talking about an E-Learning platform so the user must have options to highlight his doubts.

hope that could be a feature integrated very soon! thanks for reading!