Upgrade the plugin

Currently I have 3.0.7.

I tried to download the plugin package and transfer the '/wp-content/plugins/domain-mapping'. But it did not upgrade.

There is another folder '/wp-content/mu-plugins' It has a file 'domain-mapping.php'

Please guide me for upgrading the plugin.

  • Mason


    You'll want to delete the version in your mu-plugins. Make sure 3.1.4 gets put in wp-content/plugins.

    You'll then be able to auto-update if ya like.

    Also, you'll need to manually override the sunrise.php file in wp-content. Best practice would be to delete the file and then upload the new version included in the download.

    Whenever this file needs to be updated we will note it in the changelog, but for now this is still going to have to be a manual process.

    Hope this helps. Let us know if you need anything further!