upgrade to 2.1.2 broke all front end functionality - wp 3.2.1bp 1.5.1


I upgraded membership plugin today on a site that needs to launch in the next 48 hours, and now all the important front end functions are broken. I am referring to:

Registration: I have a "join" page with the proper [subscriptionform] shortcode, but now, nothing displays
Account: I have an "account" page with [accountform] and [renewform], but now nothing displays
Upgrade: I have an "upgrade" page with [renewform] but nothing displays

I have:
- repaired tables
- verified subscriptions are active and public
- verified gateway is active (I'm using paypal single to handle upgrades and premium membership)
- opened and saved each level
- re-saved permalinks
- disabled/enabled
- deleted membership folder entirely, and re-uploaded

Nothing has worked and I'm seriously worried.

Any ideas?