upgrade to 2.1.2 broke all front end functionality – wp 3.2.1bp 1.5.1


I upgraded membership plugin today on a site that needs to launch in the next 48 hours, and now all the important front end functions are broken. I am referring to:

Registration: I have a “join” page with the proper [subscriptionform] shortcode, but now, nothing displays

Account: I have an “account” page with [accountform] and [renewform], but now nothing displays

Upgrade: I have an “upgrade” page with [renewform] but nothing displays

I have:

– repaired tables

– verified subscriptions are active and public

– verified gateway is active (I’m using paypal single to handle upgrades and premium membership)

– opened and saved each level

– re-saved permalinks

– disabled/enabled

– deleted membership folder entirely, and re-uploaded

Nothing has worked and I’m seriously worried.

Any ideas?

  • DavidM
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    Hi toddkh,

    I just ran through a couple local tests and was unable to replicate any issues with those pages but if they’re not displaying anything at all, it sounds as if it would likely have to do with another plugin conflicting with the shortcodes.

    Could you first off, check your error logs to see what they have to say?

    And if at all possible you could try deactivating other plugins one by one, that’d help to see where any such conflicts are occurring.



  • toddkh
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    Hey David,

    Thanks so much for the reply.

    Ok, so, the error logs were empty, so I moved on to plugins.

    Strangely enough, it ended up being the Ultimate Facebook Plugin, v1.4.3. I was really hoping to use this as well, and have the site all setup to use the facebook comments. Have you heard of any issues between the 2 plugins?

    There is another issue as well, my “upgrade” pages with [renewform] don’t show an “upgrade” option to the next membership level anymore….

    I spent a lot of time researching that last week, because when I first installed membership it wasn’t working. I ended up getting it to work by switching to the PayPal Single Payments gateway.

    I have a free subscription setup as serial for 1 year, and a paid setup as finite for 1 year and time between upgrades is 1 day. the test user was created last week.

    It seems broken again, should I make a new thread?

    thanks again for your help,


  • DavidM
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    Hi toddkh,

    Strange, I’m not seeing any issues using Membership alongside Ultimate Facebook over here, but then these two plugins have a lot of settings so it could have to do with those settings.

    Could you maybe try disabling some of the options from Ultimate Facebook to see if that helps sort it? Perhaps the widgets and/or the Like/Send buttons?

    I’ll see what else I can find but anything you can let us know to replicate it would help greatly.

    As for the upgrades issue, if you could start up a new thread on that, it’ll help to keep the issues more organized. If you’ll go ahead and do that we can have a look at the specifics for that one.



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