Upgrade to more one plugin or theme at a time … possible?

Wondering if it’s possible to offer upgrades on a theme by theme / plugin by plugin basis … as opposed to account-wide upgrades.

The account upgrades are great, but it might be more digestible for users to upgrade their account one plugin at a time you know? So instead of paying $20 for an pro account, users could pay $5 for the functionality they want and upgrade to more if they need it. Is this even possible with WordPress?

Likewise for themes — instead of upgrading to a pro account that cracks open a variety of available themes, I’d like to build on a model in which the user commits to one theme when upgrading … thus, enabling the opportunity to make a sale each time they want to change themes.

Couldn’t find anything in the forums on this … open to reading through everything if I’ve missed it.


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    Hey Christopher,

    Greetings and thanks for posting on the forums.

    Unfortunately this is something which is not available currently. I am sure this will be a nice feature request and have already moved this to the right section i.e. “Features and Feedback”

    In the mean time, I will suggest you to do that manually. You can create themes and plugin names as products on your Network site and use MarketPress to sell them out. Once a user places a request, you can enable a particular plugin/theme on their blog. How does that sound ? doable ?

    This is something which is also not available on Edublogs, that is the largest example of Prosites. They also have a manual solution over there which serves to this type of requests.

    Cheers, PC

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