upgraded to membership2 - now I have to rebuild my membership site?

Can't believe I have to rebuild my membership - why?

  • Jude
    • DEV MAN

    Howdy @reikob

    M2 is a radical upgrade from M1. Although most of your data is moved in some bits like shortcodes and levels need to be setup once more. Rest assured this is a one time thing and M2 offers much better code and stability compared to M1.

    Sorry about the disruption


  • Ian
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    That is not acceptable :slight_frown:
    You need to mention all the things that are not transferred to new plugin so people are informed and they can make a proper decision whether to say with M1 or go to M2.

    If people don't go through all the forum posts before upgrading just to see what issues people are having, they are not going to know.

    I feel sorry for the first ones who have upgraded who are having to do all the bug testing for the rest of us.

    Please add a message that short codes and invite codes are currently not yet supported to avoid more frustrated customers.

    I say this in the interest of all, so you guys aren't stressing with hundreds of forum posts and can spend the time on fixing the current issues , And to avoid getting more angry customers who upgrade with no knowledge that it was not just a simple upgrade.

    Thanks, Ian

  • Ian
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Why can't you have a short code migration stage where people can select old ones, and select what the new ones with become, so that it can rewrite all the posts containing short codes with the new versions?

    I saw on the forum someone had 3,000+ posts that would all need manually changing the short codes.
    eg: [level-member] = [new short code]
    [not-level-member] = [new short code]

    Could that be possible? Even if it has to be the final stage after the levels are set up.
    That will then automatically go through the site and rename the old short codes.

  • Jude
    • DEV MAN

    Hey Ian

    We could have something like this if it were easy but given the params and strings that go into each shortcode and given how some of them don't have an equivalent in M2 this may have cause more havoc than just letting members know upfront.

    If you know exactly how the shortcodes work then you should be able to use something like this

    That said we appreciate your feedback on this and will it pass on to the docs team.


  • Ian
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Thanks for reply Jude.

    But please make the message more clearer.

    It just says "However, the protection rules cannot be migrated."
    but there is no mention that Invite Codes aren't working in the message or on the link provided :slight_frown:
    I only found out about it by searching the forums.

    It should be written in RED.

    Also have: PLEASE READ FIRST BEFORE UPGRADING: Read more about the new version on our website!

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