Upgraded to VPS and Wildcard SSL..

What settings do I need to change in MU and MP?
Do you think it is best to have the whole site SSL or just checkout pages. I recently read and verified Google is giving more relevance to SSL in rankings

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi Bob! I'm beginning to think you might be a Cylon. Just a few days ago, you were a wee noobie, just getting your feet wet, now you're wrangling VPNs and SSL. You members grow up so fast, right before our eyes.

    To get everything ready for SSL, there's a handy, well-loved plugin that will do the heavy lifting for you: http://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-https/

    As for which parts of your site to protect, that's really a personal choice. Keeping any page that collects sensitive information, and especially credit card information, needs to be secure, but parts of your site that don't need to send or receive encrypted data are fine to leave as HTTP, rather than HTTPS.

    Have a great one!

  • wp.network

    Hey @bob,

    I recommend doing some careful review of the threads here regarding Multisite and SSL, especially if you have any intentions to include domain mapping in your mix.

    I have a subdomain network and a Wildcard SSL and am having a heck of a time getting it setup.

    I use HTTPS for my primary site (frontend & backend).
    I use HTTPS for all login/admin (at 'original' subdomain addresses, not mapped addresses)

    My issues have been in controlling the redirect of HTTPS to HTTP for mapped domains (specifically, all https requests should redirect to http for mapped domains - except for login/admin and perhaps specific pages like checkouts/etc. which should redirect to the 'original' subdomain address using https).

    I am also using the HTTPS plugin that @Michelle Shull mentions above.

    You are welcome to review my recent thread on this issue here

    (please chime in if you have any ideas or test results!)

    I have also been following the google news and am seeking a setup which will allow me to be adaptive. My goal is to get setup working with CloudFlare and to be able to add at least some level of HTTPS for my mapped domains that way.

    Best of luck to you! Ultimately, the answer to your Q depends greatly on your goals, skills, budget and timeline. Just be advised, you are headed into some deeper waters.

    Kind Regards,

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