Upgraded today but import failed

OK so I went for the upgrade from membership pro to m2.

Once installed it promoted me to import, I did as directed and clicked ok when done but the screen went white for a few seconds, then the same prompt appeared, asking me again to import. I did, same thing happened.

I then clicked on SKIP instead of importing again, it took me to the memberships main page prompting me to create memberships - there should be a list of those imported.

In membership settings none of my membership levels have been imported. Members are there but no membership details, no auto emails, no payment gateway settings. It's asking me to set it all up from scratch.

I've gone into membership settings/import but the toggle option for import from membership is not accessible (see pic).

The previously protected areas are currently accessible to anyone. I can't protect them as the membership levels are not in place.

What should I do?


  • Miss Jane

    Hi Michelle

    Advice on the other thread: "Delete Membership 2 from your plugin directory. You won't lose any data. Reinstall it, via the WPMU DEV dash. You'll now be led through a setup process that will allow you to import your data."

    I've done this but as suspected from other's results I am still unable to import membership data - the radio button is still greyed out, which means my protected content is still available to all site visitors.

    Although I don't agree with the language used by another member, I do share his frustration at this situation.

    Could you help me go back to membership original until the plugin is ready?


  • Michelle Shull

    Hi Jane!

    Bumping your thread can cause it to get sent to the bottom of my response queue, which I work through from top to bottom. Sorry for the delay here.

    I did some testing with a colleague over the weekend, and this is an issue we're seeing as well. (See my screenshot.) We've reported it to the dev team, and they're working on it. I added a bug report for this thread as well, we'll keep you updated when we learn anything.

  • Philipp Stracker

    Hey Miss Jane,

    thanks for the report! It's close to midnight and finally I was able to find the reason for that issue in the migration wizard. Yay!
    So the next update is uploaded right now and the migration wizard is now fixed to actually import your data to the Membership 2 plugin :slight_smile:

    The fastest way to get your data to Membership 2 is this:
    After the next plugin update you can go to "Membership 2 > Settings > Import Tool" and import your data from import source "Membership (WPMU DEV)".

    It all worked very good in our tests today, but please let us know if the update and data import can now also be completed successfully for you.
    Thanks, Philipp :slight_smile:

  • Miss Jane

    Hello @Philipp Stracker

    Thank you for the update, although I don't feel it's quite fixed.

    it's almost 2.30pm and I've been installing all day so far. It keeps freezing, at 0%, importing member: 14. I have restarted it 4 times and the same thing happens whichever setting I use.

    However when I take look at the settings, the memberships seem to have been imported but not all the members.

    This is a list of what has not been imported:
    - all members (I have 6,000 members and 100 paying to go through)
    - payment gateway details (not a huge problem)
    - protection messages (not a huge problem)
    - automated welcome emails (I didn't have these saved so it's a time consuming job to re-write)

    Should I try to reinstall again (even though I have done so 5 times already)
    Or should I start to manually add everything back?
    Or is there something you can do to ensure it completes the install to save me, and others that job?


  • Miss Jane

    Further update:

    M2 has not imported the IPN settings, this in itself is an ongoing problem for me already (see below).

    Will having this new IPN URL have any impact with current subscriptions?

    New IPN: http://mumsclub.co.uk/ms-payment-return/paypalstandard
    IPN from original membership: http://mumsclub.co.uk/paymentreturn/paypalexpress/

    I already receive daily error messages from PayPal telling me there's an IPN error, which sadly this forum has been unable to get to the bottom of. Eventually PayPal disables IPN and I have to manually turn it back on again each time. It feels like the IPN is not accepting any PayPal subscriptions that have not been created through the membership site. If that's the case, will it start happening again with M2?

    Guidance would be appreciated.


  • Philipp Stracker

    This is strange...
    Since you say it always gets stuck at some point I assume that the reason for this is an error when importing a specific user to Membership 2.

    You can help us to fix this by either providing Support Staff Access to your site so I can grab the export data and investigate it here on my development site.
    Or if you want to generate the export file for us then please go to "Membership 2 > Settings > Import Tool" and select "Import source: Membership (WPMU DEV)" and click Preview.
    On the preview screen you have a button to download the import data. You can send that file via our Contact form - select "I have a different question" and set subject to "Attn: Philipp Stracker". And please mention the URL to this thread in the message body :wink:

    I'll have have a look at the problem once you sent the file or granted Support Staff Access
    Thanks for your help in solving this issue! Philipp

  • Miss Jane

    Hi @Philipp Stracker

    I have allowed access but as someone on another thread has also had problems with all the auto messages going across I've cracked on recreating the missing aspects. But please do go ahead if it helps the development of the plugin.

    Although it froze, I think it did import all users and details of their memberships. I'm yet to go through it thoroughly to check but so far it *seems* ok.

    On the whole, M2 does look superb, I'm really happy with it. It is user friendly and I absolutely love the protected content facility. I must admit I found the last one difficult to comprehend with the positive and negative rules and I was never sure I was doing it right - so far I feel I can't go wrong with this.

    Regarding IPN, I've gone ahead with the new one and there was no error warning email from PayPal today, that could be because there are no messages due to be sent today. There is no error at the IPN listening URL either, the URL redirects to the home page rather that the error message I saw before. I hope this is what it's supposed to do.

    So far so good, I'll keep you posted as I continue. Thanks for your help.

    Jane :slight_smile:

  • Miss Jane

    I've hit issues:

    1. Setting up email welcome messages for various levels of membership - doesn't appear possible. there's just one message for free and one message for paid for subs.

    2. After testing a new sign up - there's no apparent way to do this. The register page asks for user name etc details but no actual sign up button. The page is hanging. How do people sign up?

    3. All my imported subscriptions say it's 'One payment for permanent access' with no way to edit it. They are monthly subscriptions - not one payment of permanent access.

    I don't know what to do with it, and I have people waiting to join.


  • Philipp Stracker

    Hi Jane,

    seems like we forgot to update this thread yesterday (there's a lot of open threads concerning the migration right now!)
    We've fixed the import issue in the last update yesterday (v

    There were some unnoticed typos that caused certain fields to not import correctly into Membership 2 but they are fixed now. Here's how to fix your data, but note that it will replace the current Membership 2 data, effectively losing subscriptions that might were added or changed since the previous import:
    Go to Membership 2 > Settings > Import Tool and select Membership (WPMU DEV) as import source. Click the Preview button and on the next page check the option "Replace current content..."
    This will first remove all current data and then import your Membership data again, this time correctly.

    Right, your registration page is a bit off. Here's what I found so far:
    There is an error while the page is generated. The registration page is not completely generated.
    You can see that the page footer is missing, also the HTML code of the /register page just ends in the middle of the registration form, which indicates some sort of PHP error. I checked the plugin code but found no problem in the Membership 2 plugin - the last line executed is calling a WordPress action, so very likely another plugin intercepts that action but fails. Can you try to temporarily disable individual plugins that might be related to registration and test if the registration form works? When you found out which plugin causes the issue please let us know so we can test and add compatibility for it. Also if you cannot find anything let us know so someone from our team will have a look for you.

    Lastly: The welcome email limitation exists. This is on the roadmap for a future version, but did not make it into the current release yet. I updated the priority for this task.

  • Miss Jane

    I have now deactivated ALL plugins leaving only Membership2.

    The register page has now changed to the attached screenshot.

    From the plugins menu (not network plugins) membership is showing as membership2 but is still promoting me to upgrade to M2. Why is that?

    Also, I am unable to go back to network admin page - apparently I do not have sufficient permissions. See screenshot.

    Are others having these problems?


  • Philipp Stracker

    Hi Jane,

    I noticed you just reverted back to the old Membership plugin before I could finally check what's going on in the import tool.
    I understand that it's a live site and you cannot leave the content unprotetected or members on wrong status. However, if you send us FTP details to your site I can log in and update the plugin and revert it back to the old Membership plugin in case I cannot solve the issue right away.

    I can also do this via Support Staff Access, but I've seen all kinds of problems in the past (like PHP memory problems, upload restrictions, etc) so I'd rather install or uninstall plugins when I have FTP access to avoid PHP related problems.

    To send your login details you can use our secure contact form as I described above.

    I'll check your site as soon as I can - there's a lot going on currently, as the Membership 2 change is a big step for most users.

    Thanks for your help, Philipp :slight_smile:

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