Upgrades: Can I have more than 1 upgrade level to one specific plugin for my blog owners on my multi

Hi, I have a private plugin and I want to make 3-4 levels (versions) of that same plugin for different subscription plans.
I'll try to illustrate this with an example:

Free plugin: 3 features
Basic level version: 5 features ($10 per month)
Pro level version: 12 features ($15 per month)
Elite level version: 20 features ($20 per month)

I tried to figure this out with the other WPMUDEV projects, but none of those fit my idea.
Memberships: no, because this plugin would be available to site owners
Pro Sites: no, because the higher level subscription plans include everything from the lower level plans. So this way I would end up with 3-4 different versions of the same plugin showing up on the site owners' admin menus.

Please point me to the right direction, because the above issue is the reason I signed up with WPMUDEV and so far I couldn't find a solution.

Thanks in advance, guys!