upgrades plugin + supporter plugin working in harmony with quota

How tough would it be to get these working together?

My goal is similar to the following example:

User signs up for a trial period period blog with a 5MG quota.
(Set sitewide in WP options)

Trial period ends and/or they become supporter and now get a 50MG quota.
(Set in Supporter Quota Settings)

User wants more space and buys it via Upgrades for 100MG quota.
(Set in Upgrades Settings by creating a new package with the file - quota.php)

My thoughts are, I can write some logic in supporter-quota.php to check if the proper functions in 'upgrade-plugins/quota.php' are active and set in place. Then, if so, let the Upgrades plugin take precedence. This way I can still have the displays in the Dashboard when needed for Supporter and have that option of "Upgrades takes precedence" (if it exists).

Would this be the logic I need to use to get these to work together nicely?

I'm looking to launch in a couple of weeks. Would a new Supporter version be likely to have this ability or Should I roll up my sleeves and go ahead and customize these 2 plugins to work together?

Thanks in advance!

  • Brayne

    The Supporter plugin uses pre_option_blog_upload_space and then get_site_option.
    The Upgrades plugin uses blog_upload_space and then get_option.

    There is a bit of a conflict in the sense that Supporter's blog_upload_space, get_site_option("supporter_quota"), takes precedence and thus doesn't reflect any of Upgrades blog_upload_space, get_option("blog_upload_space"), because of the use of the 'pre_option' filter in the Supporter plugin.

    I had to write a custom if statement for the upload space before the add_filters (supporter_quota_filter) are activated inside of the file supporter-quota.php.

    This did the trick.

  • Brayne

    Use this at your own risk..... I don't work for incsub.... :wink:

    Inside the file - mu-plugins -> supporter-quota.php
    I changed the "Hook" section to look like this....


    add_action('supporter_settings', 'supporter_quota_setting');
    add_action('supporter_settings_process', 'supporter_quota_setting_process');

    // check for upgraded quota, if they have more, they MUST have purchased it.
    // avoid filter if they have purchased more space.
    //Change 11-08-10

    $tmp_current_quota = get_option("blog_upload_space");
    $supporter_quota = get_site_option("supporter_quota");

    if($supporter_quota > $tmp_current_quota) {
    //filter blog and site options
    add_filter('pre_option_blog_upload_space', 'supporter_quota_filter');
    add_filter('pre_site_option_blog_upload_space', 'supporter_quota_filter');

    //add supporter messages
    add_action('activity_box_end', 'dashboard_supporter_quota_message', 11);
    add_action('pre-upload-ui', 'dashboard_supporter_quota_message', 11);

    I advise using comments to block code when testing something.

    Hope this helps.

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